I just completed the twisting sequence – really lovely. I think the readings you do are beautiful as is the scenery used at the end. Whole thing fantastic xx.

Fiona L

It’s so good Nell. I think the fact you are using a model to demo rather than trying to demo yourself is a great move. Makes it very clear to understand and is a bit different to other online classes I’ve seen. I like how it’s split in to sections too

Sarah Hill

Thank you so much for your wonderful yoga classes, Nell. Honestly the best classes I’ve ever been to for any form of exercise – I actually look forward to them!

Jane Fletcher

I’m over 6ft tall and started yoga with Fenella to improve my posture as my work demands a lot standing and walking. I wanted to avoid stiffness and discomfort in the future. I joined ‘More Men On The Mat’ and I’m already seeing significant improvements and have felt warmly welcomed as a beginner.

Aaron Hunter 

Thank you so much Nell, that was such a good class and you are brilliant at handling the absence of presence with the rich narrative in your lovely warm voice. 

Harriet Townsend

So enjoying the class. I normally don’t repeat a class for months on end but have done it 3 days in a row and feeling much freer in the postures that most challenged on Day 1. 

Juliet James

Did your yoga class again today! Absolutely love them. Thank you.

Oliver MF

When I got to class today my right foot was killing me and my left hip and knee were acting up. When I left my foot, hip and knee felt great and so did my head!!

Brooke Jackson 

Fab first class, Nell. I really needed it this morning before a whole day of calls! 

Beth Callen, yoga teacher

Nell is quite simply the best yoga teacher I have ever had the privilege of knowing in my more than 25 years of yoga practice.

Flavella Fielding

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