Directory of common injury management and advice on health issues

A practical guide for teachers and students. Aimed at those with previous or recent injuries or health issues that require modifications to yoga postures. 
The Directory is broken down into 2 sections:

  1. Common complaints from the top down, integrating head, neck and shoulder issues, elbow, wrist, lower back, hip, knee, ankle and foot injuries. 
  2. Health Issues based on 30 years of teaching experience from diabetes to high blood pressure, pregnancy to menopause, aiding recovery after cancer and so much more. 

The Directory offers a comprehensive guide to injury and health issue management. 

There are illustrated, easy to follow options in class and home practices to facilitate recovery, improve strength or simply help students to feel more confident in managing their conditions. There are videos too demonstrating sequences that have been shown, (with regular practice), to demonstrate significant relief in symptoms. 

The Directory is aimed at helping individuals to take control of their own recovery or to facilitate improvements in their condition. 

The cost of the Directory works out significantly less than visits to a therapist and allows you the teacher or the student to realise long term tangible benefits.  

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